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Informatique GT2000 now offers you the chance to become partner by bringing new customers to the company for a commission.

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How does it work ?
Partner's engagement
The partner agrees to lead the customers who need services offered by Informatique GT2000 Inc., as software, dynamic websites and mobile apps development.
Engagement Informatique GT2000 Inc.
Informatique GT2000 Inc will :
  1. To give a commission percentage of the total amount charged to customers who have been referred by the partner, and for a maximum period of 1 year from the first term of the customer, or termination of this Agreement by that party. The commission percentage is 5% and may increase depending on the amount of hours billed to customers eligible referenced during the last 12 months. Commissions, if any, will be paid at the beginning of each month.
  2. To add to its partners its website section , if desired, a short section on the partner and its services . The partner will be visible on the website Informatique GT2000 Inc. as long as at least one interesting reference to "lead" him or made during the last 12 months and a valid partnership agreement is active.
  3. In reference to the partner , without obligation, if the opportunity arises , customers who need the services offered by the partner.
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